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Bantam Chickens

"Bantam" chickens are smaller or miniature chickens.  They range in size from a medium size bird, just slightly smaller than the standard size to a very small bird just larger than a coke can in body size.

Most Bantams are miniature versions of large or standard size fowl.  However there are a few that are considered "true bantams" or bantams that dont have standard size counterparts. 

Above is a Partridge Wyandotte
Bantam Rooster



Below is one of my Rhode Island Red
Bantam Roosters

Below is a lighter colored Nankin Roster, straight comb

Below is a darker Nankin rooster, with straight comb.

Nankin Bantam Hen.   They are sweet natured birds, great moms and great to have around.

Bantams typically lay a small egg every other day rather than every day such as a standard layer would do and are kept mainly for thier potential as a show chicken at various fairs or just for the person who maybe just likes to have these little birds around.

(Nankin Rose Comb bantam's colors)

Although I have raised a wide variety of bantam chickens in the past at this time I raise only a few breeds of bantam.   The Rhode Island Red Bantam, the Nankin Bantam, Partrdige Wyandotte Bantam and the Brassy Back Old English Bantam.

A bantam Rhode Island Red Hen

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